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Pamela Confer: Musical performance

Pam Confer is a speaker, singer, songwriter, editor, and public relations consultant. She is the founder of Speak BIG!, a communications and public speaking program....
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Neely Carlton: Patient’s Voice in Pharmaceutical Development

The processes for development, approval, and regulation of new drugs and medical treatments were created to protect and ultimately benefit patients. Even so, patients have...
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Jeanhee Kang: The Power of Second Chances

Cultures based on intolerance and shame can drive young people who make mistakes to desperate decisions and the fringes of society. The will to survive...
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Maisie Brown: Embrace The Social Media Generation

Parents and educators have spent a lot of time and energy wringing their hands over the downsides of social media. What about the benefits? A...
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Julie Cwikla: Math Stories Make a Difference

Is your math story hurting your child? Math phobia is often passed from generation to generation. The way parents and teachers talk about math, determines...
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Julie Kuklinski: Women In Construction

Skilled trades offer opportunity for women that have been trained for traditionally female jobs. The Hurricane Katrina recovery effort was so massive, it began to...
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Cherita Brent: Funny Women

Are women allowed to be funny? Rita B. is not asking for permission. Her ideas are equally hilarious and thought-provoking. A native of Jackson, Mississippi,...
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