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Robert Hester: The Most Complete Computer Simulation of Human Physiology

A computer simulation of human physiology has already been used to improve the way new drugs and treatment protocols are developed and tested, the way...
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Brennen Hodge: Crowdsourcing a New Healthcare System

In this talk, Brennen Hodge shares his novel idea for crowdsourcing a patient focused healthcare system that works more effectively, affordably, and equitably, than any...
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Jennifer Reneker: Using Telehealth & VR to Diagnose and Treat Concussion

In this groundbreaking talk, Dr. Reneker shares her ideas about diagnosis and treatment of concussion and what virtual reality and Telehealth could do to advance...
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Neely Carlton: Patient’s Voice in Pharmaceutical Development

The processes for development, approval, and regulation of new drugs and medical treatments were created to protect and ultimately benefit patients. Even so, patients have...
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Melody Moody: Bicycles as a tool for community development

Close your eyes and imagine the community you want for yourself and your neighbors. Melody Moody, Executive Director at Bike Walk Mississippi, talks about building...
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Richard Summers: A software model for the human body

This talk describes an incredibly accurate, decades-in-the-making, software model for the human body. Dr. Summers is an attending physician, professor and associate vice chancellor for...
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Kristi Henderson: Connected care – when and where you need it

Telehealth has the power to solve some of the most difficult problems in health care. Mississippi’s limited resources and rural population created an opportunity for...
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Herman Taylor: Seeds of hope, harvest of health

Mississippi gives the world unexpected and surprising gifts through its legacy of pioneering health advances, including the Jackson Heart Study. A sharp contrast to the...
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Tray Hairston: How to make health care an economic driver

With health care playing a prominent role in our economy, policymakers are looking for ways to multiply the impact for the greater good. This talk,...
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