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Julie Cwikla: Math Stories Make a Difference

Is your math story hurting your child? Math phobia is often passed from generation to generation. The way parents and teachers talk about math, determines...
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George Bey: Redefining success: Archaeology as a way to embrace the world

Archaeology is an interesting academic subject but George Bey, whose work was featured in a 2012 National Geographic documentary, has used it creatively to build...
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Pamela Shaw: Sowing seeds of change

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Why is it hard to accept the fact that our...
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Erin Hayne: Investing in your own creative economy

As cities compete for talented young workers, many of them focus on top-down decisions and large-scale projects that cater to creatives. Erin Hayne shares her...
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Latina Rivers: Right stuff, wrong sex

The effort to narrow the gender gap in STEM careers may be misdirected. Women are far less represented in engineering than in other STEM disciplines....
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Robert Blaine: New learning environments for new brains

Technology infused learning environments are now expected but designing them is not as simple as selecting the latest gadgets. A better approach is finding a...
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Marina Bers: Young programmers – think playgrounds, not playpens

Dr. Marina Bers, a Tufts University professor and co-founder of KinderLab Robotics, compares “playground” versus “playpen” models of learning and demonstrates how creative expression can...
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