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Nashlie Sephus: The Why and How of Diversity in Tech

Equitable opportunity is a fundamental building block for a thriving economy. Dr. Sephus is a rising star in the world of artificial intelligence software development...
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Aisha Nyandoro: Society Flourishes When We Invest in Our Most Vulnerable

The political debate around government programs aimed at alleviating poverty is so noisy, and it can be difficult to avoid stereotypes and remember the universal...
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Robert Blaine: The Dignity Economy

The Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Jackson shares his idea for developing a dignity economy, in which policies focused on inclusion could drive...
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Joel Bomgar: Mississippi Myths

Joel Bomgar takes a closer look at readily available data to disprove commonly held misconceptions about our state. His idea is that understanding the truth...
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Tray Hairston: How to make health care an economic driver

With health care playing a prominent role in our economy, policymakers are looking for ways to multiply the impact for the greater good. This talk,...
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