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Christina Dent: End the War on Drugs for Good

In this heartfelt and thoughtful talk, Christina shares her ideas about the destructive impact of the war on drugs and the mounting evidence that the...
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Alysia Burton Steele: Completing History

Alysia Burton Steele is a photojournalist and assistant professor at the Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media. Her 2015 book, Delta Jewels, chronicles the...
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LaVita Tuff: Adding Value to Voices

This informative talk explains the idea of open municipal data portals and what they are doing to modernize governance in the cities that have embraced...
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Katy Simpson Smith: How to Come Home Again

This gifted young writer shares her ideas about the relationship between self and place and the meaning that can arise when we return home in...
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Melody Moody: Bicycles as a tool for community development

Close your eyes and imagine the community you want for yourself and your neighbors. Melody Moody, Executive Director at Bike Walk Mississippi, talks about building...
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John Bielenberg: Thinking Wrong

Thinking wrong is the opposite of following accepted orthodoxy. After a career filled with novel approaches to entrenched problems, John Bielenberg and his teams have...
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Brit Fitzpatrick: How mentoring can reshape our communities

Mentoring is one of the most powerful ways to transform struggling communities. In this talk, Brit Fitzpatrick, founder of a cloud-based platform that facilitates more...
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Roberto Gallardo: The Rural Digital Divide

In rural Mississippi, the digital divide is still a relevant barrier to economic advancement. Roberto Gallardo explains the impact that high-speed connectivity could make on...
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