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Marshall Ramsey: We Are All Artists

Award-winning editorial cartoonist and author, Marshall Ramsey, used our theme, The Next 200, to share universally relevant ideas about our shared culture and future, along...
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Krystal Gem: Finding Fearlessness Through Art

Krystal Gem, a talented young vocalist, composer, and pianist, shares ideas about her own development as an artist and performs original music to bring those...
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Brennen Hodge: Crowdsourcing a New Healthcare System

In this talk, Brennen Hodge shares his novel idea for crowdsourcing a patient focused healthcare system that works more effectively, affordably, and equitably, than any...
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Jennifer Reneker: Using Telehealth & VR to Diagnose and Treat Concussion

In this groundbreaking talk, Dr. Reneker shares her ideas about diagnosis and treatment of concussion and what virtual reality and Telehealth could do to advance...
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Ann Phelps: The Sacred Secular

Modernization has yielded many positive changes but it has also reduced the frequency of our encounters with the sacred. In this inspiring talk, Ann Phelps...
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