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Ezra Brown: Musical Performance

Ezra Brown found his musical voice and gave it a name: Soul Muzik. His celebratory performance closed a great day of talks at TEDxJackson 2015....
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John Bielenberg: Thinking Wrong

Thinking wrong is the opposite of following accepted orthodoxy. After a career filled with novel approaches to entrenched problems, John Bielenberg and his teams have...
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Tom Martin: Mississippi to Mars

The idea of human travel to Mars is driving the mission of NASA. TEDxJackson Liftoff highlighted the potential for local pathways to careers in space...
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Jim Barksdale: The Power of networks

Network theory concepts explain the dramatic impact of technology-based businesses during the last century. They also describe common threads in the remarkable career of Jim...
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Tim Fielder: Afrofuturism

Afrofuturism is an idea that has driven Tim Fielder’s remarkable career as a cartoonist and creative community leader. His talk is practical, inspiring, and hilarious,...
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Roberto Gallardo: The Rural Digital Divide

In rural Mississippi, the digital divide is still a relevant barrier to economic advancement. Roberto Gallardo explains the impact that high-speed connectivity could make on...
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