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Do you have an idea worth spreading?

While the theme of our next event is not yet decided, we are accepting speaker applications at this time. Your talk proposal should address ideas that are relevant to local audiences, yet also appeal to the global TED and TEDx audience. 

Speaker Tips

Know the Format

Watch lots of TED and TEDx talks to become familiar with the format. We are looking for idea-centered talks, not motivational speeches, personal histories or sales pitches.

Support the Theme

Make sure your talk idea fits within the theme of our event. We are looking for a broad range of topics and ideas, but your talk should connect in some way with the overall focus of the event. 

Provide Credentials

You don’t have to be THE expert on the topic you want to discuss, but you should be AN expert – or at least have some relevant experience or personal connection to the idea.

Ready To Submit Your Talk Idea?

All submissions will be reviewed by the TEDxJackson speaker committee and evaluated based on originality, adherence to TEDx guidelines, audience appeal and speaker credentials. Only a limited number of speakers will be accepted, and only accepted speakers will be notified. You may check on the status of your submission byemailing us.

The TEDx Illustrated Speaker Guide is an especially helpful resource for planning your talk. We recommend reviewing it before submitting your talk idea. 

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